If you’ve been thinking about registering with YourShare for a while, now is the time to do something about it

Piggy-bank with a Christmas hat..

You could be collecting hundreds or even thousands of dollars, all in one nice big cheque right before next Christmas – that could be all the presents for the kids taken care of, or that long awaited holiday to finally get away from it all.

Here are 3 easy ways:

Claim on your existing financial products

Collect trailing commissions from eligible Superannuation, Pension, Life Insurance, Investments, Managed Funds & much more

Acquire a new policy or fund
Collect trailing commissions from a new Car or Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Investment Funds & more

Claim on Home Loans
Switch to a better rate on your current Home Loan, take out a new loan or add to your investment property portfolio – the trailing commissions collected for you could be paying your rates & water bills each year.
On a $500,000 loan, you could be collecting up to $1000 a year in trailing commission rebates.

That’s more money back in your pocket every year!

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Written by NicoleSmith,
Friday November 11, 2011

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