With EOFY behind us it’s time to look towards the future and how we can save money no matter our age, income or living expenses. Here are some top tips from the team at YourShare on how you can save a little bit extra.

Don’t drink champagne on a beer budget.

Best advice your grandma ever gave you, "cut your coat according to your cloth." It's advice more relevant now than in the past with the rising access to credit cards. With even easier access to credit people often buy things they cannot afford. Many people dig themselves into a financial hole because they want instant gratification.

You must live within your means and spend accordingly. So put down that glass of Moet and grab a Tooheys New instead!




Watch the cents and the dollars will flow

Ever heard the saying, “watch the pennies and the pounds will follow?” Be careful with the little decisions. Make your lunch instead of buying it at your local café, turn the heater down in winter and buy groceries in bulk and see what the difference will be over an entire year. You’ll be surprised.

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plan b


Always have a backup plan

Don’t ignore money problems. Every transaction is captured electronically and sophisticated computers flag financial problems to banks, retailers, credit card

companies and other providers. Faults can stalk you for years, so keep on top of your finances and always have a plan B!



Good debt vs. Bad debt.

FB Shopping House

Borrowing for luxuries like fashion, fancy cars, gadgets, five star dining and yachts is considered a bad decision and therefore bad debt.Good debt is borrowing to invest in an asset that appreciates in value to build wealth and a long-term investment portfolio. Check out how to find the cheapest home loan for your investment property through YourShare. Click here:

If you have any helpful tips on how to save a little extra be sure to share with us below via the comments section.



Written by NicoleSmith,
Friday July 12, 2013

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