In the month of March I managed to save over $500 by finally getting off my backside and sorting my finances. I’ve been meaning to review my insurance and other costs for ages, but with getting ready for Christmas, holidays, and planning for the New Year, there just seemed so many better things to do. However, a rather robust credit card statement in January shook me out of that funk. Here’s what I’ve finally managed to get around to doing. Read on to see how to save money easily.

1) Get a better mobile deal
Earlier this year I had a call from my mobile provider. Usually I politely decline whatever offer they have for me, but I’m glad I listened to this one. They offered me a deal that is $50 less a month than what I was paying. To be honest, I might be able to get an even better deal than that if I tried a pre-paid service, but Ill stick with this arrangement for now.

Saving – $50 x 12 = $600 a year

2) Get a better health insurance deal
I also reviewed my health insurer at the beginning of this year. I had an old legacy policy and while it didn’t cover everything, the premiums were still pretty expensive. By switching providers, I managed to save $70 a month.
Saving – $70 x 12 = $840

3) Cash my commission cheque
This is actually something I did a few years ago when I took out my mortgage, and the landlord insurance that goes with it, but because I used a commission rebate service (YourShare), it means I get an annual commission cheque of over $500.

Saving – $500

4) Get a better Telco deal
Technically I haven’t done this yet, but will in the very near future as my home communications bill is growing again. I don’t think it’s because of too much additional use. Just every few months when I do call Telstra and say I’m thinking of changing, they drop it down for a few months, only for it to creep right back up again. I know I could save at least $50 a month if I changed. Perhaps it’s high time I did.

Saving – $50 x 12 = $600

Total annual saving = $2540

Written by Penny Pryor,
Tuesday April 8, 2014

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