Last Wednesday night a story entitled Easy Money aired on Today Tonight on Channel 7, reported by David Richardson and introduced by Matthew White. was thrilled to be a part of this amazing story which has opened the eyes of so many Australian consumers at the amount of money that is out there, that every day working families could be accessing from financial products they already have.

There are so many comments we’d like to share from the numerous people that have enquired about our yearly cash-back service, such as:

“I just can’t believe this is actually real – why don’t we all know about this?”

“I went directly to one of the larger companies without going through an intermediary of any kind, a broker, or agent, then to see trailing commissions on the statement.”

“I never realised I was paying someone else. I looked at my statement once I watched the story – they don’t make it clear do they!”

“OMG….I cannot believe that this is possible… I am looking forward to being able to get something back.. this just does not happen… thanks guys for being real..” is Australia’s Leading Cash-back service because we offer the most money back to our customers, from fees and commissions collected from the largest range of financial products – every single year!

YourShare collects and refunds fees and commissions from most financial products, such as :

  • Retail  Superannuation and Allocated Pension Funds
  • Investments, Margin Loans
  • Managed Funds, Investment Funds
  • Personal Insurance, such as Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance and Income Protection and more…
  • Home and Contents, Car, CTP, Travel or Landlords Insurance
  • Home Loans – yearly trailing commission refunds with loans from your chosen lender applied for through, plus a $500 BONUS offer for new or refinanced home loans settled by December 30 2011.

Home Loans
The trailing commissions on Home Loans showed to be a very popular topic in many online forums over the last week also.

If you are looking for a dirst home buyer, or are looking for a new home, or to refinance your existing home loan, or are a property investor, YourShare can make sure that your home loan is working for you for the life of your home loan and not paying someone else for all those years!

The cash-back service is something that many of our savvy property investor customers, (often with numerous Investment Property Loans) utilise to better their investments, every single year.

Many tell us they use their cash-back to pay the council rates and/or the water bills, or strata fees or just get ahead on their repayments every single year.

All round, having the extra money in your own pocket certainly makes for a better investment property!

Many people are asking how much the service costs, so here’s a quick run down.

  • YourShare splits the trailing commissions 50% with you from the fees and commissions collected from your accounts, up to a maximum of $295 a year.
  • There are no out of pocket fees for you.
  • So…for example, if we collect $1500 a year for you, we get $295 and you get $1205.
  • If we can collect $100 in trailing commissions from your account for you, you get $50, we get $50.
  • If we cannot collect any commissions from your accounts, it costs you nothing at all!

If you would like to get in touch with us, call 1300 554 774 or download forms to get started at

If you have already downloaded forms, please fill them in, sign each form and post, fax or email them back to:

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Scan and email to:

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Thanks and regards,

Sally Farrow
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Written by NicoleSmith,
Tuesday May 24, 2011

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