How much could you save?

All Cash-back amounts below exclude a service fee. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Sophie- One of our customers who receives a cash-back on her pension fund.

Sophie is aged 57 and retired with $956,169 invested in a pension fund. She draws $5,500 a month from these funds. The commission on the pension account is 0.6% per annum. Assuming funds grow at 7.5% per annum and Sophie continues to draw $5,500 a month from her pension each year to the age of 80, the total Cash-back received by Sophie will be $57,703.

"It is wonderful that your organisation is helping everyday people, especially in today's market, and thank you for getting back to me promptly."

Newlyweds, Belinda and Matthew have just purchased their second car and given they also have a home loan, it was important they found the best policies to suit all their insurance needs. The insurances on their two cars cost them $3100 each year.

By using YourShare as their broker on these insurance policies Belinda and Matthew were able to reclaim $241.50 every year.

When you add this to the $390 they receive back on their home loan, Belinda and Matthew were able to afford a few extra luxuries on their honeymoon.            

Belinda and Matthew who saved on the car and home insurance.  
Dani and Ryan receive a cahsh-back on their home insurance and their home loan.

Dani and Ryan have home insurance which costs $2100 every year.

By using YourShare as their broker on their insurance policy, Dani and Ryan are able to receive a Cash-back of $151.30 every year.

When you add this to the $250 they receive on their home loan, for Dani and Ryan working with YourShare is a real no brainer.

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Lisa and Joe live in Western Australia and have a home loan for $490,000. Lisa contacted the YourShare home loans team after her sister joined YourShare last April.

As a result of the simple Home Loan Health Check service, Lisa and Joe were able to save $58,783 off the life of their home loan. After switching we are now collecting $293.25 every year towards their yearly Cash-back amount.

Lisa and Joe’s repayments have reduced by $162 per month and they can now afford to renovate their house in anticipation of the birth of their third child.

Lisa and Joe have been able to reduce their monthly repayments on their home loans.
Olivia- our customer who used the savings on her travel insurance to continue travelling.

Olivia, 27 was embarking on a five month trip to Europe and then South America to wine, dine, enjoy the carnival in Rio and simply be carefree. In order to feel at ease she wanted to ensure she had the best coverage. As she was taking five months off work she also wanted some extra cash in her pocket. When referred to YourShare by a friend, Olivia decided to take out a competitive policy with CGU through YourShare and received a Cash-back of 16% on the base premium. She used her savings the following year to go to Japan and explore the bustling city of Tokyo!


Elizabeth and Tom are both aged 34. They each have life insurance with the following cover:

  • Life cover = $900,000
  • Trauma cover = $250,000
  • Total Permanent Disability (TPD) cover = $700,000
  • Premiums for Tom are $2,363.52. Premiums for Elizabeth are $1,309.20.

Together they receive $210 in savings each year through cash-back.

Elizabeth and Tom receive a cash-back on their life insurance.
Tim and Allison who receive a cash-back on their landlords insurance.

Tim, 48 and Allison, 45 have purchased their first investment property and want to protect themselves as they embark on a journey of being first-time landlords.

Tim and Allison decided to take out landlords insurance with CGU through YourShare so they could also receive a Cash-back.

They received a Cash-back of 18% so they used their savings to go on holidays to the Caribbean and bask in the sun!


Annabelle, 26 wanted to find the best policy to suit her insurance needs.
She was able to lock in a competitive premium and receive a Cash-back of 5.6%.
Annabelle was able to save money on her CTP premium and buy a new sound system for her new car.

"Thank you YourShare! You were excellent to deal with, extremely polite, understanding and considerate."

Annabelle- one of our customers who was able to save money on her CTP insurance.
John and Natalie - excellent customer service.

"We feel compelled to pass on our heartfelt thanks for the extraordinary service provided to us during the transfer of a super life policy, to an ordinary life policy.

Madi was exceptionally courteous and very patient in her dealings with us over a number of days.

We hope she receives the utmost appreciation and recognition for her dedicated service."

John and Natalie