Most Australian families do not know they may be entitled to an average $1700 cash back every year… without having to do any hard work! Imagine what you could do with extra money each year!

When our customers find out they are paying a commission or ‘trail’ on most of their loan, insurance, investment and superannuation products they are usually surprised. But the best surprise of all is that they can do something about claiming it back, putting it into their pocket instead of someone elses!

The team at Your Share is committed to ensuring customers get as much Cash-back in their pocket as possible every year… and now there is another tool to help.

The new e-book “Money for Jam” is designed to give you an understanding of what you may be entitled to plus descriptions of the various eligible financial products. The easy calculators help you assess your potential annual Cash-back and take you through step-by-step. The process is very simple. Then, once you’ve registered online, YourShare will be in contact and does the rest!

“Money for Jam” is a free download available from the YourShare website. It includes examples of real life situations where customers have received cash back and saved hundreds and thousands of dollars during the life of their product.

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Written by NicoleSmith,
Tuesday August 14, 2012

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