What do you spend a majority of your money on? Gadgets, holidays, fashion, shopping or everyday expenses such as food and petrol?

If you answered travel or shopping then you’re in for some bad news. As reported in the The Age, the Australian dollar has dropped to its lowest value in a 33-month period. This will come at the cost of travellers and those who love online shopping. Well there go my finances!

AMP Capital’s chief economist, Shane Oliver says the price of travel and online shopping will certainly increase due to the decline in the dollar in recent weeks.

“Anything in a foreign price will go up straight away and travel is the most instantaneous thing to go up,” said Mr Oliver.

“If you are booking hotels or transport or events in overseas countries, it will cost you more.” To counteract these claims, Australian Federation of Travel Agents chief, Jayson Westbury spoke to The Canberra Times and remains upbeat, despite the most recent and biggest drop in the local currency against the greenback.

"People won't un-book their holiday - they'll just have less in their pocket when they get there," he said.

“Although the euro and the pound are holding up relatively well."

"It's when all of them cool off by about 10 or 15¢ there could be some emotive thinking towards the outbound market," said Mr Westbury.

As a 27-year-old female with no children, no mortgage and no major expenses except for an extensive wardrobe of shoes and clothing (mostly purchased online) and the odd adventure overseas it would seem apparent, I’m buggered! What is a girl to do?


Santorini, I thought I'd see you again this year but alas I can't afford it. Goodbye Greece!

This is where I had to sit down and assess my financial situation. With car expenses and car insurance, health insurance, superannuation, rent, groceries, living expenses and yes the odd night out or two and an extensive wardrobe that could challenge even the most fabulous fashionista, I needed help. Major help!

After discussing my options with YourShare I registered my products so they could start collecting the fees and commissions I pay on financial products including my superannuation, health and car insurance. I now work for the company and have discovered other products with which I can claim a Cash-back on.

Travelling in Rome.

I've shopped in many Zara stores worldwide (above is me in Rome, Italy). Now with my YourShare Cash-back this shopping spree addiction doesn't have to change.

When you’re living in a city like Sydney (now one of the most expensive cities to live in the world), every dollar counts.

So the annual Cash-back I receive from YourShare not only eases my financial woes but it means I might just be able to shop up a storm at the Zara sale this year.


Written by NicoleSmith,
Tuesday July 2, 2013

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