Are you still shedding tears over the abolition of the Baby Bonus? The federal government will no longer be acting as stork to growing families in Australia and as a result expectant parents are left crying over spilt milk.

parents laying on bed with their baby.

As announced in Wayne Swan’s budget, the $5000 Baby Bonus will be scrapped on March 1, 2014 to help get the budget back on track. It will be replaced with payments of $2000 for the first child and $1000 for other children. These payments will be means-tested, available only to families who qualify for Family Tax Benefit Part A. Families will receive an initial payment

In a controversial twist the Coalition leadership team revealed Labor’s pared-down Baby Bonus would be completely axed by an Abbott government under a plan to wind back the budget deficit and maintain carbon tax compensation without the carbon tax. Mr Hockey confirmed the Coalition, which introduced the Baby Bonus a decade ago, would no longer offer a basic family payment for parents of newborns.
of $500, and the rest will be paid in seven fortnightly instalments. Under the new scheme couples earning more than $101, 000 will not be eligible.

Looking back, one might recall why the baby bonus was introduced in the first instance. Peter Costello used the bonus as an incentive to encourage Australian families to increase the population whilst the government eased the financial burden on having a growing family. The phrase by the then Treasurer was, “one for mum, one for dad and one for the country.” When the bonus first came into action on July 1, 2004, Australian labour wards experienced their busiest Thursday in three decades. A record 1005 babies born on July 1, compared with 500 the day before, one of the quietest Wednesdays on record.

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Written by NicoleSmith,
Monday May 27, 2013

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