YourShare CEO, Ron Hodge has just ridden for the third time in Tour Duchenne and personally raised over $14,000 to support the Duchenne foundation. Tour Duchenne 2014 was an outstanding scenic 1000km, eight day course from Adelaide to Melbourne via the great Ocean Road, which took place from the 22nd – 29th March 2014 to raise vital funds towards making a difference for families in the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy community. The Tour Duchenne has a simple mission: To assist all families living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy through services, respite and facilities to make their lives easier whilst living with this disease.

Duchenne is an insidious gender-linked (in 99% of cases) muscle-wasting disease that leaves little boys (and in some cases, girls) unable to walk before they make their teenage years. As there is no cure, Duchenne results in premature death by late teens/early adulthood in 100% of cases. Even though it is a genetic disease, in up to 40% of cases there is no family history and the disease arises by way of a spontaneous mutation at conception.

The story so far
In 2009, 25 mates, doctors and researchers have rode from Sydney to Melbourne and raised nearly $800,000. They rode again from Brisbane to Sydney in 2010 and raised another $500,000. In 2014 the group raised over $300,000!

For more info on Duchene Muscular Dystrophy visit

YourShare is a proud to be a partner of this worthy cause.

Written by NicoleSmith,
Monday April 28, 2014

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